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Patient Outcomes & Reviews

"Any athletes looking to reach new PR's and recover faster, see Dr. Hannah at DHCC! I just made a 455lb deadlift after my second adjustment!" 

Justin, 1stPhorm

Taryn L.

"Dr. Hannah was polite & professional. She educated me in spinal health & it's an amazing connection to our health & vitality. Go see Dr. Hannah!"
"At this point, I have been a patient for over a year and have noticed an overall improvement in my health."

Joel K.

Tracey B.

"For over a year, I tried everything from physical therapy to shots. Nothing worked. Times at work I was almost in tears. She did ex-rays and did an adjustment. I felt immediate relief. I almost cried tears of joy. So l started going every week. I now go every two weeks. I feel so good. It's so nice to be pain free. I would recommend Dr. Hannah at DHCC to anyone suffering in pain and wants to live pain-free."
"After several bad experiences with chiropractic, I gave it one last try. Dr. Hannah was incredibly supportive, worked with my budget, and I'm pain-free after 10 years of living in pain! My whole family went to see Dr. Hannah & it became a day of the week we all looked forward to!"

Calli E.

Mr. G.

"In just one adjustment, I had immediate improvement in my posture and overall well-being!"

Alicia W.

"I've been a nurse for 12 years, an and d patient care I've always provided, and it was so nice to be at a doctor's office where I felt good care reciprocated, heard, and understood. My baby got his first chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Hannah and we couldn't be happier!"
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